Chic Decor and Provencal air in the Bedroom

In home decor different environments are capable of transmitting various sensations. In a bedroom, create a relaxing atmosphere and serenity, combined with an aesthetic style, can be an excellent option.

Chic Decor and Provencal air in the Bedroom

The colors, textures, furniture and accessories involved in the decoration of the bedrooms, articulated in a way, they get to equip the rooms with a wink chic Provencal delicacy and air.

In the prints of all textiles that come in the decoration of a bedroom Provencal style, flowers, stripes and other motifs that evoke nature, identify this style, and dress from curtains, quilts, rugs and cushions, between other accessories.

In the Provencal style bedroom furniture, show us delicious ways, with many ornaments, and wood is the main material of the decoration.

In this case the decoration of rooms has been defined with a neutral color palette including formal gray and pale hues, creating a sophisticated aesthetic. Decorate in shades of gray, is an alternative to suit modern houses, but these tones is also possible to decorate traditional or classic environments, how are you stays.

With this palette of neutral colors like white or gray, you get an atmosphere of serenity and calm, you can create interesting shadows and textures that enhance the decor of the bedroom.

Using different shades of white, gray soft combining, and classically designed pieces, you get an elegant composition, light and calm. Revitalize and add new colors to the furniture and decoration with classical pieces, to create unique environments and chic.

One bedroom furniture consisting of classic design, could acquire a new style, if details are incorporated to provide a stamp of creativity, freshness and charm to the interior. For a bedroom whose protagonist is white color, the mix of different textures, shapes, soft and delicate, will transform the room into a cozy and warm.
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