Interior tips for lighting hallways

The hallways fulfill an important role within the home, connecting rooms. If our house is large with them must take into account the lighting to give a touch of warmth.

Runners should flow together with the entire decor of the place, for it is ideal lamps wall hanging above, because in many places that are too narrow so not look great.

Interior tips for lighting hallways

Despite being a space where there is still much time or room itself is a must have correct light without mentioning which adds other elements such as pictures or mirrors without these the hallways are opaque and dark.

Also when choosing the fixture should take into account the dimensions of the area in relation to light. The one we choose should be not neither large nor small, but just for what we want to accomplish. In the market there are many brands and styles, the best is always the simplest.

Interior tips for lighting hallways

In most homes a single bulb may be sufficient to provide light to the whole atmosphere, if the hallway is wide we can choose to place several but avoid exaggerating with light.

Supplements to walls should also be an integral part of the whole, then avoid overloading the walls with too many details. It may be sufficient with a pair of shelves, tables or even none. It all depends on the overall situation of the decor.
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