Spectacular vertical garden

Garden or terrace is the perfect place to begin change. Garden at ground level has been going out of fashion and new trends are based on the design of vertical and pasted on a wall or balcony.
The best of the hanging gardens are the views it offers. Flexibility gives impressive presence and personality to the outside of the structure. The best design is natural, but waiting for plants to do the job cost a bit. With time and effort can be achieved.
Spectacular vertical garden
The plants you choose for this purpose should also be chosen with care and according to the effect you want to accomplish. The most common are the vines or ivy family of de la Parra virgin or Bignonia. The difference between these lies in the latter produces flowers.
If you find that your bushes where no hold on your walls can help with a wooden lattice structure. Usually these are already built and you can also make and costs nothing.
Spectacular vertical garden
The idea is to place these natural ornaments in the right place for proper growth, this will make beneath a window by its shape and to get enough light and shade in equal proportions. Give a touch of class to your garden with help from nature.
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