How to Make an Old Furniture Renewal

The passage of time leaves its mark on the furniture as part of a house, without losing your practical function may be necessary to give a facelift to keep it functional, so through a craft show them how to renew an old piece of furniture.
How to Make an Old Furniture Renewal

The list of materials and the procedure described below.

-Painting, in the photo was used yellow, but the idea of ​​restoring a piece of furniture can be carried out in any color to match home decor.
-Wallpaper, wallpaper or decorative, it is ideal to capitalize on scraps of paper which has become the wallpaper of a wall at home.
-Glue or adhesive, suitable for the type of paper used.

Step by Step.
To begin the restoration or renovation of furniture, you should first put in good surface to paint match it with sandpaper. This is important to get the paint or varnish to put fuse properly to the wood.

Removing drawers, if present, in the case of a comfortable for example, to carry out drawers on the one hand sanding, furniture and the structure of the other.

Apply the paint in the parts of furniture that does not bear wallpaper, allow to dry the material, then apply a second coat of paint. You may need to apply other layers of paint, but this will depend on the conditions under which you are the type of furniture and paintings.

Place the decorative paper in the front of the drawers and doors old wooden furniture, so while we dry the furniture has been painted, you can measure the surface to be covered with paper, so starting to make cuts in the paper.

Begin gluing paper cutouts painted on each box and / or doors, using the specified adhesive.

Once dry paint and wallpaper, may be placed or thrown knobs to the old furniture that is now renewed.
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