Home Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas

The Shabby Chic decor, is an invitation to create spaces full of charm in a house with soft touches of color and textures, plus the fascinating combination of modern elements with vintage pieces.

The Shabby Chic is a decorating style that evokes the past with their shapes and colors, use incorporating furniture and antique accessories, some operated for integration into different rooms of a house.

Home Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas

If you we looking to create a serene atmosphere, with personality and charm in the decor of a room, Shabby Chic style is a sure bet.

The furniture in this style, including materials such as wood and iron, stripped or worn finishes. The ancient and modern furniture can be combined in an environment allowing compose a fresh and current.

Aged shades like white, ocher, yellow, green, blue or pink, and pastel palettes, smooth shapes of furniture and accessories.

Lace, bows, ribbons, add a romantic touch to more rustic texture. Patterns of small or large flowers, and stripes are also plaxers in the Shabby Chic decorating style to a home.

Home Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas

If we have antique porcelain pieces, we'll get the most out their presence in an interior, we can add another note of charm to the environment.

If we want to create a reading corner or for rest, an idea is to choose a bed or iron forging, a bedspread with ruffles or ruffles, white, a blanket or quilt with a pattern of delicate flowers, and adds warmth to the room , with a few cushions of different sizes and colors and patterns that blend in harmony with the interior decoration.

Home Shabby Chic Style Decorating Ideas

Layering textures, soft pastels, bright environment compose a dose of elegance, and a delicate informality, vintage items, sobriety and functionality are key ideas to recreate a decorative style that can be worn to all rooms of a house.
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