Tips how to cleaning stained marble

Marble is a very popular material in the decoration, particular the floor, not only for its versatility when working it, but also for its aesthetics and glamor that attaches to the environments. It may be present in many forms but in most cases is in the floor of the rooms or on stairs.

Tips how to cleaning stained marble

Most are white and that is why many opt for it because its beauty is only decorative. The problem arises when our material comes to stain for daily use and other natural inclement.

Remember that marble is porous material before it is clearly very important to be cleaned quickly when wet and thus prevent stains from penetrating and permanently stains surface.

Bleach and similar compounds can permanently damage its high acidity so it is not recommended to use this for general cleaning. A damp cloth is usually sufficient for this purpose.

A good coat of wax is never over, may be from time to time, usually every three months. This will protect the outer layer, the brighten and also make it much easier cleanup afterwards.

Tips how to cleaning stained marble

Avoid wetting the area unnecessarily. The shoes can affect the area so avoid placing some drawbacks carpets in the hallways or entries. Finally do not forget to polish all the marble with machine at least once every 3 or 4 years. This will ensure its beauty for a long time.
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