Dutch door openings with horizontal split

Is called Dutch door openings have a horizontal split, tending to permit independent operation of the upper and the bottom of the door. Thus, a division can be closed and the other left open, according to the needs in each case.

Dutch door openings with horizontal split

You see more in lodges or small towns as possible to keep closed the lower section to prevent the entry of animals and at the same time, leaving the top open to air and light housing.

Why are called Dutch doors? The identification is that this type of door was traditional in the Netherlands during the seventeenth century, and thus began to appear in Dutch paintings of this period. Consequently, today adopted the international name of "Dutch door".

This kind of exterior doors is also used in the beach areas, in order to take advantage of sea breezes, as well in climates where there is little need for air conditioning systems or heat generation.

However, whatever the weather may be useful and interesting, especially at times of the year when temperatures are pleasant on the outside. Along with all the above points, the Dutch doors are an excellent alternative to create indoor-outdoor connection so appreciated in every dwelling, in a functional way and always with designs in different styles and finishes.
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