Accessorise Your Bathroom

Just as one of the easiest ways to transform a jacket is to pin on a brooch or wear a silky scarf, one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom is to pay attention to the accessories. Not only is this a speedy way to alter the style and ambiance of the bathroom, it is also simple and inexpensive.

This project is made even less challenging if you have a white bathroom suite and relatively neutral decor, as then you can completely change the accent colours without worrying about clashes or contrast. Once you have picked your design theme and colour scheme, whether it is soothing and natural or jaunty and nautical, start in one corner of the room and begin to work your magic. Perhaps you only have a bath or decided to buy digital mixer shower from Whatever your means of getting clean, make sure every detail fits with the new colour scheme. This may mean replacing soap dishes, flannels, bath mats or toiletries, for example, or purchasing a new shower curtain.

Maybe once you decided to buy digital showers from Mira, you opted to keep the other walls in the bathroom completely plain. This project could present an opportunity for change. You may choose to hang a piece of art on one of the walls, or paint it in a striking colour. A single wallpapered wall or mirror can also act as a focal point. In a natural scheme, a shelf of plants or driftwood and shells could work well.

Other small details which must not be overlooked are items like soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, towel rails and doorknobs. These will be completely different for a shabby chic or French country style scheme compared with a modern metropolitan or Bauhaus-inspired look, so make sure that everything fits in with the atmosphere you are trying to create.
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