Bring A Natural Focal Point Into Your Bathroom

Every room needs a focal point or place of immediate visual interest, say the experts, and the b`throom is no exception. It’s the place where we relax and unwind, and sometimes have our best ideas. You don’t have to be a qualified interior designer to make aesthetic choices and think like a decorator, and neither do you have to drop your green principles. 

Bring A Natural Focal Point Into Your Bathroom

In an empty room, the focal point often stands out clearly – it might be antique wood wardrobes in the master bedroom, a fireplace in a front room, or a striking hallway mirror. However, if the focal point is not obvious, you can create one.

The kind of focal point an interior designer would pick is a piece of art, an interesting item of furniture, a feature wall (wallpapered or painted) or an ornate mirror. Bearing in mind that they will need to be resistant to the large amounts of moisture and differing temperatures that are a feature of bathrooms, any of these could be incorporated into your bathroom. You may find what your room needs at house clearance sales or at bedroom furniture stores. Surround yourself with preloved things that inspire you, comfort you and boost your wellbeing, and your bathroom will become a haven of tranquillity and taste.

Rooms that do not have any kind of organic elements or touch of nature can feel clinical and sterile. Even if you have picked an ice white suite and are a fan of clean lines and neutral colours, you want your bathroom to feel like a spa, not a science laboratory. To achieve this, even in a minimalist space, incorporate some natural textures. Plants – an aloe vera plant is a practical and beautiful choice – fresh or dried flowers, driftwood, a sisal bath mitt, wooden accessories – all bring a fragment of nature into your bathroom. The end result is a room which can calm, soothe and revitalise.
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