Designing A Perfect Living Room

The look and feel of a living room is totally dependent on the choice of seating and the color scheme that you have in the room.

For instance, if you want to go for a relaxed rumpus room style, you would choose a sofa and armchairs that reflected that. Big cushiony sofas which have that welcoming and embracing look about them, as opposed to straight-backed neat and tidy sofas that place design over comfort.

There are so many sofa designs now available on the high street and on the internet that it’s possible to find everyone’s ideal sofa – somewhere. It’s just a question of looking until you find one you like.

The shape of a sofa can be really important, as not all sofa shapes fit well in all living rooms. Take the corner sofa as an example. If you happen to have a walk through living room, by which you access another room like the conservatory or the dining room, then corner sofas can be too cumbersome as you feel you have to go round them every time you want to cross the room. Similarly, if you don’t have two empty walls adjacent to each other, then corner sofas can block useful things like radiators, and prevent the heat circulating around the room properly.

However, there are many rooms that can accommodate a corner sofa very well. In fact, they are sometimes great in smaller rooms as you can push them right back to the corner and gain a large amount of floor space in front of the sofa. There’s enough seating for everyone without needing an extra armchair which would take up more floor space. Similarly, if you have a very big living room, you can use the corner sofa shape to naturally divide the room into two areas, without needing to put a wall up.

With regard to colour, you might want to make the walls the colour feature in the room, and keep the furniture in neutral shades. It depends how often you imagine you want to change the colours in the living room. Are you more willing to repaint or to buy a new sofa and armchairs?

Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme and the sofa shape as well as other furniture in the room, make sure you check out any clearance sofas, as there might be just the one you are looking for – available at a bargain price.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your living room, check out Harveys Furniture on Facebook for the latest furnishing trends.
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There are several simple ways to give your living room furniturea makeover without sacrificing the functionality of the room.