Living Room Feng Shui Tips

The living room is the public area of ​​the home where the family gathers and guests are received. This stay is associated with the movement which encourages the flow of energy to the living room. Because of this feature, the living room should be located in the front of the house according to Feng Shui, preferably near the entrance. The most favorable orientation is south.
Living Room Feng Shui Tips

Living Room Feng Shui Tips
Distribution of furniture in the living room:
In the living room dominated by earth and wood elements. According to Ba-Gua can be used in any color. It is preferable to avoid the stark white walls or black, it is best to mix elements of different colors that combine the five elements, using red, blue, green, white, with furniture and decorative elements.
We must create a harmony where nothing stands out too much, then integrate all the objects and this generates a positive support to the family. It is very important to maintain order and that the living room is comfortable and utilitarian.
Living Room Feng Shui Tips

Living Room Feng Shui Tips
  • Sofas and armchairs the distribution of these favors warm atmosphere. If possible, be distributed using the Ba-Gua, no right angles. This facilitates the flow of Chi within the room. This movement should be slow and smooth, extending from the entrance to the room walking out the door or window. Avoid facing the furniture with it, because it would prevent the flow of Chi.
  • The table should not be centered, but rather tilted sideways. The table should be one big piece, light colored circular or square shape.
  • Windows the ideal is the timber should be wide to let in light. Curtains should be of natural fibers and pastel colors.
  • Television should be located away from the sofa and armchairs, To avoid their harmful radiation when not in use.
  • Fireplaces give warmth to the environment and raise the Chi energy.
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