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Whether a regular or occasional use, we tell you how to plan a study area and or work functional and decorative. Because of its place away from the most vivid of the house, the attic is ideal for those rooms where privacy needed to read, rest or work.
Workspace Design Ideas at Home

Workspace Design Ideas at Home
Here are some tips workspace design ideas at home :
  1. Ceiling: Enjoy with greatest temperature for the study of natural insulation such as wood fiber or cork.
  2. Matt Wood: Make sure that the surface is not shiny, so they do not show light. The ideal is to treat the desktop with a matt varnish.
  3. Desktop: Depending on your height, plan to 70 or 75 cm above the ground. Make sure leg 60 cm.
  4. Windows: Two windows on both sides of the room, will give you enough light to work comfortably without squinting.
  5. For 2: When the table shared, allocated 120 cm so that each person can work comfortably.
  6. Chair: Choose it armrests and straight-backed and tall, well pick up your back and avoid bad posture.
  7. Lamps: Best if you use a blue light, which helps to rest the eye. A place to put the lamp is left on the table and otherwise to make us able to avoid shadow derecho.Así ourselves as we write.
Workspace Design Ideas at Home

Workspace Design Ideas at Home
Precisely because it is a work area, you have to feel comfortable in it, because (fortunately or unfortunately) you'll spend many hours, so it opts for a contemporary decor, relying on contrasts between black and white, without forget the gray, color king of the season. Put some color by choosing a style or a nice box of red glass vase, motivate and urge you every time you see it. source : decorationideas.info
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