Decorating Ideas to Porch

A Porch or outdoor spaces that are attached to the house should be considered as an extension of the interior design of the house. In most cases, these areas are near the entrance or serve to join two areas.

The first thing to do is have a folder where all your inspirations and ideas they may have. Take photos in the area who want to decorate both inside the home and outside. Gather magazine clippings of similar spaces where you see the furniture, the colors used, etc.
Porch Decorating Ideas
They can also request samples of paint, fabrics and carpets to get an idea. Do not forget to include plants, large potted plants, small plants or flowers. Try to make the most of every space. Think about whether you will want to put fabric curtains or blinds if they prefer, and so on.
Porch Decorating Ideas
Then they should make a floor plan and start planning. Add special features that are unique to space, such as records indicating where a good view, etc., and they'll want to distribute the furniture so they can enjoy a beautiful landscape should be.
Porch Decorating Ideas
Try to indicate exposure to the sun that has the space during the day and think about whether this will influence the way in which they must distribute furniture.

On the other hand, indicate the roads and out to the house. Take into account how each door that opens before placing the furniture. If you have sliding glass doors, indicate the entrance.
Porch Decorating Ideas
Distribute the furniture so that the areas destined to foster dialogue are not interrupted by traffic to and from home. For example, one common problem is a porch that has the main entrance directly opposite the door. Instead of distributing the furniture in a large group, it's create smaller areas at each end of the porch. we suggested including a table with chairs on one side and a traditional family area on the other side. A side table beside the door is very useful. source :
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