Decorate Bedroom with Modern Style

Decorate Bedroom with Modern Style - The bedroom should be a space of relaxation and reflects your personal style. Before you start your bedroom contemporary design, a budget, so you can make the greatest impact. Decide you want to make small and inexpensive changes.
Finding inspirations.
Browse through interior design magazines for ideas. Go to your local bookstore and look for publications like Dwell, Metropolis, Interior Design magazine. These publications focus on contemporary interiors and you will find many examples of contemporary bedroom, choose from several items that reflect your personality.
Choosing color
Start from the walls because this the largest area in your bedroom, Choose a color that is relaxing and not over-stimulating. Typically, cool colors fit this description. Cool colors, which include modern look such as green, blue and gray, these colors make the walls appear to recede, making the room appear larger. Platform bed is very modern option for a bedroom. Solid colors tend to be the cleanest and most modern.
Adding Texture
Add a simple way to interest and texture to your modern bedroom such as a carpet. Sheepskin and runner lying on the floor, this is nice ideas, It is not only beautiful on a carpet on a cold morning step, it will more lots of visual interest in the area.
Mood Lighting
Ceiling lighting can be hard, especially when it fluoresces. Of course, you need task lighting for reading. Try, bedside lamps with semi-opaque paints or floor lamps. Square or cylindrical shades look very modern. source from
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