Feng Shui Tips for Home

This trend has become decorative fashion for now. Feng Shui is a Chinese science which when incorporated into the decor has its specific rules. What is sought is to generate substantial balance and harmony in every room of the house.
Tips Feng shui for Home

Tips Feng shui for Home
This science holds that energy flows affect the lives of people and the right path those flows will positively change the quality of life of the inhabitants of a space. Feng Shui means wind and water, both elements are able to ascend to the top due to its correct flow.
Tips Feng shui for Home

Tips Feng shui for Home
This tips How do I apply Feng Shui in the home :
There are some rules and objects that should be applied in the decoration of our home, this way compensate for bad energy and strengthen the good energies in some areas of your home.
  • Includes shiny items such as mirrors or glass spheres Feng Shui.
  • If you move into a new house. Interact with it slowly until you feel comfortable. Then do a thorough cleaning with sandalwood, oils and scents that smell good.
  • The sounds are important: the bells and music.
  • Illuminated and well ventilated home. Dark rooms or spaces you can compensate with artificial lights, candles and mirrors.
  • Do not decorate your room with objects with sharp edges. The ki or chi energy to flow, and the straight lines and create conducive to aggression at an unconscious level. To counter, choose rounded objects, and spiral.
  • The corridors and hallways should be free, without objects. Thus, the energy can flow unimpeded.
  • For the room, choose colors like yellow, green or red. Add candles, and other fine decorative objects. Pay attention to the BaGua, which deals with all possible combinations of energy Yin and Yang.
  • Plants and aquariums attract the vital forces.
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