Ideas Decorating Bathroom 2011

These are ideas for decorating with style and personality a current bathroom, home decor are alternatives that will be implemented to create a space with aesthetic appeal and without losing functionality.

When we go to decorate a bathroom, we must bear in mind that this space is a series of fixed elements, such as a bathroom or a shower, and decorative items or accessories that are integrated, they must conform to them.
Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2011
The lighting is part of any bathroom, could join lights that offer a different aspect to the environment. In addition to choosing lamps original design, another way to add personality and flair for decorating a bathroom, is to place the lamps in a particular way, while preserving functionality.
Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2011
If the bathroom walls will need some color and a touch of dynamism by tables or decorative frames will be a practical and simple solution.

We can choose pictures, ornamental frames, and attempt to create a composition with air to give interesting and useful ideas the environment of a bathroom.
Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2011
A set of mirrors, which combine different shapes and sizes is another alternative to add a refreshing and original touch to the walls and interior decoration.

An idea to color and a personal note in decorating a bathroom is to join different textures in the lining of the walls, floor and bathroom furniture.
Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2011
Using a coating of ceramic floor and in the same tone tiles in the shower or tub, but choosing a paint in a contrasting color to define the area of the basin, is an idea that might be proper for a bath today. source :
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